EXP Configurations

EXP Panels are stocked in heights of 39", 53", 67", and 67" with glazed top sections. The fabric color is a neutral gray with Gray/Silver edge trim and storage products. Worksurfaces are stocked in corner and rectangular configurations. The worksurfaces include 60MM grommet holes and mount with a 5/8" gap behind, to further accomodate wiring. Tops are White or Modern Walnut. 

8x8 Corner Station 53" High Panels

8x6 U-Station 39" Panels with ELD

6x6 Station 53" High Panels

6x6 Multi-Height Stations

Multi-Height Stations with Reception

6x12 Double Shared Station

6x6 Stations with Glass Portion

10x9 Managerial Station 67" High Panels with Peninsula Desks

6x6 Station 53" High Panels with Lair

7x7 Corner Station 53" High Panels

6x8 Management Stations Multi-Height

6x6 Corner Station 67" High Panels